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Haitian Art Society

Congratulations to the Haitian Art Society, a U.S. group of Haitian art lovers and avid collectors, on their outing this weekend to the Canadian city of Montreal! Following a talk by Frantz Voltaire about the early days of the le Centre d’Art, largely credited with jump-starting the mid-20th century renaissance in Haitian art in Port-au-Prince, the society members went to the exhibition “Magic Island” from Frank Polyak at Restaurant Les Iles de Catherine at 3097 Rue Notre Dame East.

Today the society members are visiting the private collection of Haitian art at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Halvor Jaeger, followed by a visit to Mosaikart, a Haitian art gallery owned by Myrtelle Chery, whose telephone number is (514) 849-3399. If you aren’t a part of the Haitian Art Society but want to join, please click on the link to the society’s website elsewhere on “” If you would just like to visit the above venues, contact them directly on your own. Please spread the word about the greatness of Haitian art and its continued vibrancy in the present day, despite political uncertainty, poverty and other ongoing problems.

By Candice Russell

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