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Don’t Miss Out on My Annual Haitian Art Sale!

December 16, 2007

Today begins the last weekend of the 2007 Holiday Haitian Art Sale at my home in Plantation, Florida. Those unable to attend can request a free photo packet of items customized to your taste. Those coming will enjoy seeing items not seen in previous weekends because Mr. Lange Rosner in Haiti, my friend and buyer, just sent me a shipment of terrific artwork — small paintings perfect for gift-giving, whimsical painted metal sculptures spelling out the words “joy” and “Noel,” wonderful unpainted metal sculptures including a small nine-inch circle of a tree with little birds in it by David Joseph, and exquisite Vodou flags, including a miniature treasure made exclusively from beads of a veve (design drawn on floor of Vodou temple prior to a ceremony) by Jean Baptiste Jean Joseph. There are other well-priced (low) Vodou flags including a cheerful “La Sirene,” a “Carrefour” veve, and a fabulous head of a bull on green satin. The bull is a symbol of fortitude and determination, perfect for anyone trying to surmount obstacles in their life.

Speaking of Jean Baptiste Jean Joseph, I met a new friend this week when Dominique Carvonis of Haiti and Pembroke Pines, Florida visited my home this week. She owns a dental practice in Port-au-Prince and goes back and forth to Haiti all the time. Carvonis brought over a tempting selection of Joseph Vodou flags, each more lovely than the last. After purchasing two for my personal collection, I took two small ones on consignment including a “Bossou” or bull, a very masculine-looking strong flag.

Besides being newly stocked for the show, the Children of Haiti Enhancement Foundation will benefit from weekend sales. Certain items each day will be put up for a silent auction, which is exciting. Good food, champagne, friends and fellowship besides surpassingly wonderful art — what could be better? I hope you can join us.

–Candice Russell