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Annual Haitian Art Holiday Sale

December 18, 2008

My annual Haitian art holiday sale continues for its fourth and final weekend come Saturday and Sunday. For information and directions to my home, telephone 954/792-9887. Thank you to everyone who came, enjoyed the art work and sipped champagne. Among the avid buyers and collectors this year are Linda Stabile, Grace Barnes, and Marguerite and George Bolge, who is the executive director of the Boca Raton Museum of Art. George is contemplating the purchase of a black-and-white painting by Saint Soleil master Levoy Exil. This rare painting from my personal collection was purchase more than twenty years ago from the Port-au-Prince gallery of the late Issa el-Saieh. Gustavo Ponzoa, the noted pianist and fanatical collector, made an appearance last weekend with photos of the newest Prefete Duffaut painting he just purchased. A good time was had by all.

Despite the global economic woes, Haitian art remains a good investment. The aesthetics of these great paintings, Vodou flags, and metal sculptures are beyond the reach of any economic recession. Their value holds. Speaking of Vodou flags, I acquired some real beauties from friend and gallery dealer Axelle Liautaud, who came this month from Haiti for a short visit. Soon they will appear on my web site, so please look for them. The prices of Clotaire Bazile Vodou flags were recently lowered in time for holiday gift-giving. These wallet-friendly beauties are done by a true genius of the sacred textile medium.

Haitian art is the cover subject of the new January, 2009 issue of “Holistic Health Magazine,” for which I serve as editor-in-chief and main writer. Featured on the cover is the exquisitely beautiful painting “Peace Dove” by Eric Jean-Louis, a Haitian artist who currently resides in Miami, Florida. His transcendent vision makes this painting very special. As he explains it to me, the inspiration for the work came from the late Haitian art dealer Dr. Carlos Jara, who visited Jean-Louis’ studio in Haiti and suggested he create the image of a child’s hands releasing a white dove in the forest. Jean-Louis complied with the suggestion and created this work, suitable for a UNICEF greeting card, posters, or Christmas cards.

Better things are coming for Haiti in the new year. More art will soon appear on my web site.
Thank you for reading this.

–Candice Russell