Daily Archives: May 4, 2010

Video Inspires Hope for Haiti

Well worth seeing and contemplating is the eight-minute video posted on You Tube titled “Haiti — Get Back Up” or “Ayiti Leve Kanpe.” With music provided by the Deominiscan Republic Symphonic Orchestra, the story is told in moving images before and after the awful January earthquake that changed this island nation forever.

The scene is set with idealized images of a peaceful, pretty place — beaches, waterfalls, schoolchildren walking to work in their clean uniforms, marchands balancing baskets of fruits on their heads before setting up on the street for a day of commerce. Haiti, pre-earthquake, is only this pristine in someone’s fantasy of the place. But this is the moviemaker’s perspective, not mine.

After the earthquake, which is partially shown in progress, the National Palace crumbles, funerals are held, bodies lie forgotten in the street. The images are appalling but not nearly as bad as some shown on the Cable News Network Television or in newspapers. One building bears graffiti that reads “help me” in French. There are little rowboats going out to sea in desperation to flee the devastation. But there is also hope in the form of drummers, smiling toddlers, and a boy flying a kite. The Haitians will survive.

–Candice Russell

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