Haitian Art in South Florida

For the past two Sundays, I have hosted Haitian art aficionados in my home. One is a veteran collector who lives in Miami, an erudite architect whose taste is eclectic and sophisticated. Another is a folk art lover with a fondness for many cultures, including Haitian. What got this man interested in Haitian art was a gift from Don Francisco, the colorful host of the Spanish-language TV variety show “Sabado Gigante.” It was a Haitian painting that Don Francisco had bought from Dr. Carlos Jara, a fellow Chilean like himself, who lived in Haiti and had a popular gallery there. Carlos was my closest friend before his untimely death in May, 1999. The third visitor was a woman from Hollywood, Florida, who had seen a Vodou flag on my website and wanted to see it in person.

Discussions of Haitian art with people truly interested in knowing more about it are an exciting aspect of being a collector and seller. Looking things up in books, doing Internet research, even staring at paintings of particular beauty are all part of my fascination with this subject. The past two Sundays were filled with these moments and more. I am looking forward to more such wonderful days.

–Candice Russell

-the end-