Mourning and Helping

While other news outlets have moved on to other stories, let’s give credit to the Miami Herald newspaper and CNN-TV for keeping Haiti in mind. A beautiful story written by Jacqueline Charles in the Herald details the cancellation of Carnival in Haiti, the first time that has ever happened in anyone’s memory. She also wrote about the three days of mourning for the 212,000 victims who died in that terrible event and its aftermath.

In a sidebar, Charles wrote about Carnival photos taken by renowned photographer Daniel Kedar that are being sold at Chelsea Galleria in Miami, Florida from now until April. They include images that range in price from $300 to $4,500 and range in size from fifteen inches by nineteen inches to forty inches by sixty inches. To learn more, telephone the gallery at 305/576-2950.

Sean Penn, the Oscar-winning actor, just returned from Haiti. He called it “an apocalypse, worse than anyone had ever seen before.” He is working with Partners in Health to forestall what he sees as a disaster in the public health realm once the rainy season begins in late March. Pray for Haiti and support Haitian artists by buying their works where ever you find them.

–Candice Russell

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