Saving Haiti’s Artistic History

An email today from Frazier Meade sounds the alarm for urgent action in regard to Le Centre d’Art, the Port-au-Prince launching pad of many artistic careers from Hector Hyppolite and Rigaud Benoit to Jorelus Joseph, and what may be left of the Saint Trinity Church, also in the city, and home to many irreplaceable wall murals with a Biblical theme. He is reaching out to non-profit organizations, embassies in the U.S., Canada, and France, galleries, collectors, and individuals to help safeguard what art is left in both locations with an eye to long-term conservation and preservation.

Meade is working in partnership with Axelle Liautaud, whose celebrated art gallery in Petionville excited many collectors over the years. On January 21st, she posted this email: “I am very confident that we will get the fence and security for the Centre tomorrow or the day after. But I doubt with the quantities of displaced persons that we can find a tarp of the dimensions needed. We are also trying to find amongst the crew that are here for some tarps that are not being used, so they help retrieve the art at the Center and put it in the storage area of the museum. Funds need to be raised soon for the preservation of our culture. This is not a futile battle. People who have been hurt the way we have been are going to need the help of their culture to go on living.”

The good news is that fundraising toward these buildings and artwork has begun. Already Pan American Projects is raising money for the re-building of Le Centre d’Art. To donate, visit the website

–Candice Russell