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Catalog: Haitian Celebration: South Florida Collects Haitian Art (2000)

SKU: B0141

This full-color catalog memorializes a significant Haitian art show in South Florida from the homes of savvy collectos. Copiously illustrated with color images of voodoo flags and outstanding paintings by Edouard Doral-Carrie, Hector Hyppolite, Rigaud Benoit, La Fortune Felix, Jacues Enguerrand Gourgue, Andre Pierre and other artists, it also has photos of artists including Louisiane Saint fleurant, Levoy Exil and Alexandre Gregoire. Essays by leading haitian art authority Selden Rodman, filmmaker Jonathan Demme, and exhibitian curator Candice Russell, along with a checklist of the exhitition and a list of books for further reading, make it valuable.