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Catalog: Allegories of Haitian Life from the Collection of Jonathan Demme (2006)

SKU: B0153


  By Candice Russell and Axelle Liautaud

Bass Museum of Art
Miami Beach, Florida
May to July, 2006
88 pages, full-size, all-color

This amazingly beautiful catalog is a tribute to the collecting acumen of filmmaker Jonathan Demme, director of such films as "Silence of the Lambs" and "Philadelphia." This long-time collector of Haitian art has focused primarily on the masters of their media, including Castera Bazile, Philome and Seneque Obin, Rigaud Benoit, Andre Pierre, Georges Liautaud, and Hector Hyppolite, among dozens of others from the first and second generation of Haitian art. Featuring a long, informative essay by show curators and text under each piece in this show that was only at this venue, the catalog is a keeper for anyone serious about the subject of Haitian art